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Rubans du Imprimantes Matrix/ POS

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Oki 01126301 Black Original Microline Ribbon (4 Millions Strikes) for Oki Microline ML5520, ML5521, ML5590, ML5591
Used in OKI Microline 5520 OKI Microline 5521 OKI Microline 5590 OKI Microline 5591   ...
12,82€ hors TVA
OKI 09002303 Black Original Microline Ink Ribbon (3 Millions Strikes) for ML120, ML172, ML180, ML182, ML183, ML184, ML188, ML192, ML193, ML194, ML195, ML240, ML280, ML320, ML321, ML325, ML351, ML3320, ML3321
Used in Oki Microline ML-120 Oki Microline ML-172 Oki Microline ML-180 Oki Microline ML-180 Plus Oki Microline ML-182 Oki Microline ML-182 Elite Oki Microline ML-182 Plus Oki Microline ML-183 Oki Microline ML-184 Oki Microline ML- ...
7,25€ hors TVA
OKI 09002308 Black Original Microline Ribbon (10 Million Strikes) for Oki ML3410
33,81€ hors TVA
OKI 09002309 Black Original Microline Ribbon (2 Millions Strikes) for Oki ML-380, ML-385, ML-386, ML-390, ML391, ML-3390, ML-3391, Nixdroff ND-72, ND-73, HighPrint 4010, 4100, 4200
Used in OKI Microline 3390 OKI Microline 3391 OKI Microline 380 OKI Microline 385 OKI Microline 390 OKI Microline 390 Elite OKI Microline 391 ...
9,99€ hors TVA
Oki 09002310 BlacK Fabric Ribbon ML-320FB , ML-390FB
10,95€ hors TVA
Oki 09002311 Black Ink Original Microline Ribbon (5 Millions Strikes) for Oki Microline ML393, ML393C, ML395
Used in Oki Microline 393 Oki Microline 393C Oki Microline 393C ELITE Oki Microline 393C PLUS Oki Microline 393 ELITE Oki Microline 393 PLUS Oki Microline 394 Oki Microline 395 Oki Microline 395B Oki Microline 395C Oki Microline 3 ...
28,04€ hors TVA
Oki 09002315 Black fabric Ribbon - Original Oki Pack for Microline  ML520, ML521
12,82€ hors TVA
Oki 09002316 Black Ink Original Microline Ribbon (5 Million Strikes) for Oki Microline ML590, ML591
For OKI Microline 590, 590 Elite, 591, 591 Elite ...
12,35€ hors TVA
OKI 09005591 Black Original Microline Ink Ribbon (17000 Pages) for Oki MX-1050, MX-1100, MX-1150, MX-1200, MX-8050, MX-8100, MX-8150, MX-8200
Used in Oki Microline MX-1050 Oki Microline MX-1050 CRB Oki Microline MX-1100 Oki Microline MX-1100 CRB Oki Microline MX-1150 Oki Microline MX-1150 CRB Oki Microline MX-1200 Oki Microline MX-1200 CRB Oki Microline MX-8050 Oki Microl ...
37,19€ hors TVA
Oki 09005660 (4-Pack) Black Extended Life Microline MX Ribbon Cartridge for Oki Microline MX 1050, 1100, 1150, 1200, 8050, 8100, 8150, 8200
Used in OKI Microline MX 1050, 1050 CRB, 1100, 1100 CRB, 1150, 1150 CRB, 1200, 1200 CRB, 8050, 8100, 8150, 8200   ...
210,32€ hors TVA
Oki 40629303 Black Genuine Microline Ribbon (15 Million Stikes) for Oki ML4410
37,38€ hors TVA
Oki 41067604 Black Original Ink Ribbon Cartridge for DP-5000
10,99€ hors TVA
Oki 41067616 Metalic Silver Original Ink Ribbon Cartridge for DP-5000, DP-7000
11,42€ hors TVA
Oki 43503601 Black Original Printer Ribbon (4 Million Strikes) for Oki Microline FB6300
12,89€ hors TVA
Oki 43571802 Black Original Microline Ribbon (4 Million Strikes) for Oki Microline ML1120, ML1120eco, ML1190, ML1190eco
5,44€ hors TVA
Oki 43821103 Black Nylon Original Ribbon for Oki ML-5100FB
6,26€ hors TVA
Oki 44173405 Black Ink Original Ribbon for Oki Microline ML-5720, ML-5720eco, ML-5790, ML-5790eco
Used in Oki Microline ML-5720 Oki Microline ML-5720eco Oki Microline ML-5790 Oki Microline ML-5790eco ...
17,75€ hors TVA
Oki 44173406 Black Original Microline Ribbon (13 Million Strikes) for Oki Microline ML-5721eco, ML-5791eco
Used in OKI Dot-Matrix Printer MICROLINE 5721 OKI Dot-Matrix Printer MICROLINE 5721eco OKI Dot-Matrix Printer MICROLINE 5791 OKI Dot-Matrix Printer MICROLINE 5791eco OKI Dot-Matrix Printer ML-5721 OKI Dot-Matrix Printer ML-5721eco OKI Dot ...
33,13€ hors TVA
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